What We Do

What we do…

We help small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you get the funding they need to start a new business or keep the doors open on their existing business.  Almost 75% of business are forced to shut their doors within the first 5 years, in most cases this is because of a lack of funding.  Since the credit crisis back in 2008 it has been harder and harder for an entrepreneur to secure funding, particularly from the major banks.   If you have made mistakes in your past and defaulted on a credit card during college you are pretty much guaranteed to never get a small business loan.

We believe that small business is the back bone of our economy and without new young entrepreneurs opening new business our economy will eventually stagnate.  We believe that good business ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit should be nurtured and that is what we do.  We help you find the get prepared to present your business idea and get the funding you need to make your dreams reality.